We've written a lot of articles over the last year or so. Some have delved into cars which are considered iconic, some have looked at technical aspects of specialist motor insurance and some have even included car washing tips.

But when it comes down it, Lockton are an insurance broker and, whilst there are almost no sectors of the business or personal insurance market that we don't serve, Lockton Performance remains first and foremost a motor insurance broker.

Our motor insurance policy is available only through Lockton and is acknowledged as being a market leader – so much so, that others have replicated elements of it. We don't mind this at all as imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

We don't claim that our staff are “dyed in the wool” motoring enthusiasts (although many are, some obsessively so) but we are all focused on making sure that our clients receive the best advice, that our business remains relevant and, most importantly, that claims are paid promptly and without unnecessary and upsetting delays.

Why is handling your claim so important? It's simple really – you buy insurance to protect you if the unthinkable happens. You do so to protect the things that matter, the assets that you've worked hard to own and, in the case of classic and specialist motor cars, something which you buy because you want them – who ever bought a classic car with their head alone?

It's therefore vitally important that if something goes wrong, your broker responds without fuss or drama, remains calm and quite simply does their job. We know that many brokers will tell you that this is what they do too and we aren't for a moment disputing that. It's also true that, because of the type of car that we arrange cover for, when claims do happen, they are generally more expensive and this is where our team really does excel.

But don't take our word for it. Our client James was so pleased with how we handled a high valued claim, which left him distressed, that he kindly agreed that we could share his experience. Here's his story.

“I was unfortunate enough to suffer a claim recently for a vehicle that had severe fire damage.  Understandably this was a worrying time – how the claim would be handled and if the insurance company would settle at the agreed value. 

My worries were soon put to rest. Both Axa & Lockton's claim handling team were superbly efficient. I wasn't bombarded with questions and there was a simple rational process that reassured me from the start. The settlement came through promptly in line with my expectations. 

Thank you to Lucie & Dolly and all involved with the claims process ensuring no further stress and worry was added. From my personal experience I would highly recommend Lockton's as a straight forward, easy to work with insurance company.”

Thank you James – we appreciate your kind words and we're pleased that we've exceeded your expectations.

If you'd like to know more about what we do and how we can look after you, talk to us today.

Smooth, seamless, superb service? At Lockton, it's what we do.