Circuits and tracks days. Great events that any collector will be familiar with, and for good reason: they're wonderful ways to share the joy and beauty of your vehicles.

In this article, we'll be describing some of the specifics of your motor insurance policy and how liability can arise at these events.

Distinctions such as whether the Road Traffic Act (RTA) applies to an event or not can determine whether policies apply or do not apply and can have significant consequences as a result for drivers, attendees and event organisers.

Motor racing circuits

Any aficionado knows: circuits are a fantastic way to enjoy your prized possession without the restrictions of being 'on the road'.

Classic and performance owners both can improve their skills and learn more about their vehicle and its performance, and the range of tracks and aerodromes frequented by collectors and Car Clubs are extensive throughout the UK.

Exclusions: How they work

The catch? Most motor policies have specific exclusions around these areas. 

These exclusions vary in wording but they will all state in essence that insurance isn't applicable and that no cover is provided when your car is being used on a Track or Aerodrome. Motor insurance is designed to operate when your car is being driven and is subject to the Road Traffic Act – the standard law we are all familiar with in our daily lives.

Specialist cover for track days

While some specialist insurers will provide cover for tracks, it comes at a cost. The cover itself varies from around £300 to £500, and that's just the start; tires, fuel and miscellaneous damages – in addition to the track day fee itself – stacks up.

It is far from uncommon for total costs to creep towards £1,000. Quite the fee for an experience as brief as it is enjoyable!

Where we're different

The good news? Lockton works with insurers to provide specialist Car Club insurance schemes that provide track day insurance free of charge for days that are operated by the Car Club.

Lockton works directly with their Car Clubs to protect members who insure with them when they take their cars on Track -  as long as we are informed beforehand of the activity in question and can see some evidence of prior track experience.

Even better, Lockton uniquely provides third-party liability cover of up to £2m for injury and damage.