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The advantages of the Scheme policy

  • A fast and fair claims service.
    Our claims specialists are consistently voted the best in the UK by the industry. Their sole aim is to make your claim as stress-free as possible. They understand the importance of a fair settlement and a rapid and sympathetic repair. They aim to have your car restored to the condition it was before the claim and get you back on the road with the minimum fuss.
  • You choose the repairer.  
    We are happy for you to choose your own repairer in the event of a claim. We understand that many owners will have a particular garage that they trust who know their car inside-out. Unlike other insurers, we won't interfere with these relationships. If you prefer to use one of our recommended repairers, then we can guarantee that genuine manufacturer parts, including panels, will be used wherever they are available.
  • No arguments about the value of your car after a claim. 
    Most standard policies, regardless of the sum stated in the policy, pay claims based on the so-called 'market value' of your car. This tends to be based on the Parker or Glasses Guide part-exchange or trade price – likely to be a lot less than the replacement cost, potentially leaving you thousands of pounds out-of-pocket. 
    However, our policy allows you to insure your car – whatever its age – at a value we all agree at the start of the policy year.  And here’s the thing, this sum is fixed for the whole policy year.  We call this 'Agreed Value'. If your car is written-off you'll receive the full 'Agreed Value' with no infuriating haggling and, unlike some others, no deductions (excess or depreciation). So from the outset you'll know exactly what you'll receive.
  • You can keep the salvage, if your car is written-off.  
    If your vehicle is a write-off and you wish to retain the salvage, the Scheme policy gives you the right to do so.
  • Five named drivers.
    Each policy can have up to five named drivers.
  • You can use your car for Track Days and Rallies. 
    Many of our clients enjoy UK track days and rallies with their car. Just let us know and we’ll make sure your policy automatically includes a Track Day extension. Some special conditions may apply.
  • You're insured for driving in the EU. 
    The policy provides full comprehensive cover, free of charge, for trips up to 90 days within the European Union, Norway and Switzerland.
  • Complete UK & EU breakdown cover.  
    Breakdown and recovery cover while driving abroad is often a difficult area with other insurers. As part of the Scheme you're automatically insured for full UK and Europe breakdown and recovery cover, including HomeStart.
  • We'll look after everything if your keys are stolen. 
    If the keys to your car are stolen, and not recovered, we will pay to replace all entry, ignition and steering locks that can be opened or operated with the lost keys, and there is no excess charge, whatsoever.