Maserati Car Insurance

The remarkable heritage of the Maserati marque deserves remarkable Maserati insurance to match. 

With our tradition of providing insurance for the owners' clubs of prestige marques, we are proud to have been chosen by the Maserati Club UK (MCUK) as the sole approved provider of the official MCUK Insurance Scheme for club members.

Our Maserati insurance is anything but standard.   It is flexible, with many special features, and is tailor-made for each particular model.  Whether your Maserati is new, classic or part of a collection, we offer market-leading cover, an outstanding claim service and very competitive prices for both daily and specialist leisure use.  In short, Maserati insurance fit for your Maserati.

The MCUK Insurance Scheme is for club members only.  If you aren't a club member but want outstanding Maserati insurance, we can help.  As part of the Lockton service we'll induct you as a club member and pay for your membership to the next annual renewal.  We're confident that the Club will help you get the best from your Maserati.

The key benefits of Maserati insurance through our MCUK Scheme are:

  • A fast and fair claims service. 
  • You choose the repairer
  • No arguments about the value of your Maserati after a claim.
  • You can keep the salvage, if your Maserati is written-off
  • Five named drivers.
  • You can use your Maserati for Track Days and Rallies.
  • Your Maserati is insured for driving in the EU.
  • Complete UK & EU breakdown cover
  • We'll look after everything if your keys are stolen.

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This is superb. It is the first time a transition has been faultless. If you have no objection I would like to write a short overview of the service I have received from your company and send it as a recommendation to the owner club magazine. Many thanks for your friendly and informed service.
Maserati - Client, UK

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