Aston Martin Car Insurance

Aston Martins are the definition of pedigree. They're enviable in their prestige, beauty and performance. They're special – and that means their insurance should be too. 

Lockton knows it's not only about competitive rates and comprehensive cover. It's about how your insurer supports you when damage or an accident happens. It's about how hard they fight your corner, helping you to see your vehicle restored and your investment protected.

Some of the benefits available are:

  • Your decision on the repairer of your vehicle and, when possible, the parts used
  • Complementary membership of the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC)
  • A dedicated Lockton account manager
  • Club Track Days in the UK for you and your vehicle
  • UK & EU breakdown cover – including HomeStart
  • An agreed value for your Aston Martin - no arguments.
  • If your vehicle is written off, you may keep the salvage.
  • Courtesy vehicle hire in the event of a claim
  • 'Driving Other Cars' cover may be arranged as needed
  • Extended Replacement Cover and Extended Reinstatement Value Cover available
  • Protection against Loss in Value of your vehicle following an insured loss
  • Peace of mind with New Car Replacement for up to 3 years should your vehicle be a total loss

All subject to individual underwriting and Terms & Conditions.

Having used Lockton for my cars, it has been a good experience to have them on board for my property. I have appreciated their sensitive approach to my very old, listed, historic house and will now use them for my very new investment property! The team is thorough, efficient, accessible and friendly. Their personal touch is always appreciated.
Aston Martin - Client, UK

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