Aston Martin Car Insurance

Discerning Aston Martin insurance for discerning Aston Martin owners. The Aston Martin Owners' Club (AMOC) Insurance Scheme provides flexible, tailored Aston Martin insurance specifically for AMOC members.

We are privileged to have enjoyed an association of over 30 years with AMOC as the sole authorised broker for the AMOC Insurance Scheme. Together with AMOC, we have been able to shape an exceptional Aston Martin insurance policy, providing remarkable comprehensive cover for these wonderful cars – classic, modern or collections.

The Scheme is open to AMOC members only. However, if you're looking for Aston Martin insurance and you're not a current member, we'll take you through the AMOC membership process as part of the Lockton service. And here's the thing, AMOC won't charge a subscription until their next annual membership renewal, giving you the opportunity to sample the benefits of AMOC membership, and its thriving community, at no additional cost.

The key advantages of Aston Martin insurance through our AMOC Scheme policy are:

  • A fast and fair claims service. 
  • You choose the repairer
  • No arguments about the value of your Aston after a claim.
  • You can keep the salvage if your Aston is written-off
  • Five named drivers.
  • You can use your Aston for Track Days and Rallies.
  • Your Aston is insured for driving in the EU.
  • Complete UK & EU breakdown cover
  • We'll look after everything if your keys are stolen.

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Having used Lockton for my cars, it has been a good experience to have them on board for my property. I have appreciated their sensitive approach to my very old, listed, historic house and will now use them for my very new investment property! The team is thorough, efficient, accessible and friendly. Their personal touch is always appreciated.
Aston Martin - Client, UK

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