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Insurance is about a simple promise to pay. Our Clients want to feel confident that their claims will be paid fast, fairly and with the minimum of fuss.


A client drove his 1957 Porsche 356A Cabriolet across the Channel to a classic car festival in Northern France.

It was a wonderful occasion made all the better by a reunion with old friends who shared his passion.

On his way home, about fifty kilometres from the ferry, the engine started to make a very unfriendly sound and a minute or two later the car came to a shuddering halt.  He tinkered but to no avail. 

With the 'Porsche Club GB Insurance Scheme' from Lockton:

He called the Scheme emergency helpline, which is available 24 hours a day in Europe as well as the UK.

Within an hour breakdown assistance was on the scene.

Unfortunately, the problem could not be solved on the spot as it required a replacement part.  So we arranged for the car to be recovered to his home in Buckinghamshire.  We gave him the choice of delivery to his home or a repairer.

As it was getting late we paid for him to stay the night at a nearby hotel, and then paid for his transport home as well.

With a standard classic car policy:

Breakdown recovery in Europe is unlikely to be covered as standard, nor is hotel or transport cost.