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The complexity of risk, made simple

Insurance is about a simple promise to pay. Our Clients want to feel confident that their claims will be paid fast, fairly and with the minimum of fuss.


A short while after a client had taken delivery of a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia, it was a tangled mess at the roadside.

He had left it parked, and a van – swerving to avoid a child, who had run into the road – ploughed straight into it.  Miraculously, the child escaped unhurt and the van driver suffered only minor injuries, but both car and van were write-offs.

With the 'Ferrari Owners' Club Insurance Scheme' from Lockton:

The 458 was insured with us at an Agreed Value of £195,000, to include the extras he had fitted.

We paid the full Agreed Value of £195,000 – without any deduction for excess or depreciation.  Cleared funds were in his bank account, via BACS, within 24 hours of the relevant documents being received. 

As a result, he was able to get straight on with ordering a replacement.

With a standard policy:

For any cash settlement, the client would probably be obliged to accept the so-called 'market value' – which could be up to £25,000 less than he paid – minus an excess.