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Classic Car

A client was the best man at the wedding of a fellow classic car enthusiast.

He decided to drive his 1969 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series ll to the country house hotel where the reception was being held.  It was such a beautiful summer's day that he left the car locked in the hotel car park with top still down. 

Unfortunately, during the reception the E-type was stolen.  The car was insured with us at an Agreed Value of £70,000.

With a 'Lockton Performance Classic Car' policy:

We paid for him and his wife to stay at the hotel the night after the wedding in the hope that the car would be found quickly.  Sadly, it wasn't, so we paid for their transport home as well.

In addition to paying the full Agreed Value of £70,000, with no deduction for excess, we also paid £195 for personal belongings that were in the car's boot at the time.

With a standard classic car policy:

A typical classic car policy would probably not cover this theft – the car was a convertible and left unattended with the top down.  Even if it did, there would still be an excess to pay.

In addition, contents and hotel/ transport costs would not normally be covered.